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FedEx Hubs And Pickups

Can i ship live animals to any FedEx Center?

Simple Answer is No.

Not all FedEx Centers will accept live animals. FedEx Office and Print Centers along with Walgreens have the right to deny the shipment. (This will result in animals being refused and returned to you at your expense!)

The FedEx Centers that will accept live animals are the authorized ship centers that accept "Dangerous Goods" and have "Hold for Pickup" Available

What Ship Center can my animals be held at for Pickup?

We have made this simple and easy!

In the Create A Label Page you can enter the zip code of your customer's address once you have selected FedEx Ship Centers.

As you can see (below!) we have entered our zip code (our facility location) and it has populated all the locations near us that are willing to accept live animals!

Once you check which location you wish to use as the destination it will populate the address automatically!

The only thing you have to manually enter is their personal information (Name, Number & Email)

You dont have to put "Hold For Pickup" on the label (its implied) but for peace of mind you can type it on the second line of the address to ensure it

FedEx Centers To Yout Customers

When shipping to a FedEx ship center, is it implied that the package will be held until someone picks it up?

When you ship to the FedEx ship center, you don’t need an option to request a customer pickup – it is implied.

Just put the name of the customer who is to pick up the package on the label when you generate and FedEx will release the package at the ship center when they present their drivers license.

What Hubs Can I Drop Off My Packages To?

To make it quick and simple for you we have added fedex ship center look ups to our create a label page!

Enter Your Zip Code in the "Ship From" Window and it will automatically populate the nearest 5 Ship Centers that accept live animals!

I scheduled a pickup with Fedex, but they did not show up at my house. What should I do?

When you a schedule a pickup through us with Federal Express, you will receive an email confirmation from us with a pickup confirmation number and time frame. Please give us a call at 404-480-3706 if Fedex failed to pick up your package or did not contact you during your specified time frame.

Please call Fedex at 1-800-463-3339 if it is after hours and press "0" for an operator. Have your confirmation number ready for the next available agent.

How Do I Schedule A Pickup?

To Schedule A FedEx Pickup, has been made easier and simpler!

To Schedule a Pickup you need to schedule the pickup when you are creating a label. (on the Create A Label Page)

Scrolling down the page you will see the additional services tab (pictured below). By checking the "schedule a pickup" this will expand the option to enter the address the date and time.

Typically a 3 hour window is required for the pickup.

There is a $5 charge for a pickup. You can select how many packages you are wanting FedEx to pickup. If you are sending out multiple packages that day you only need to schedule one pickup. Each time you schedule a pickup FedEx will charge $5. This is non refundable from them so only schedule what you need!

Once you purchase the label and the pickup your receipt will show the label and will have a Pickup Confirmation number on it. If it does not have a confirmation number please call us ASAP so we can rectify the issue if possible (if its too late in the day, FedEx will decline a new pickup for that day)

Please note. Pickups can only be scheduled 1 business day in advance per FedEx. Also, if you are in a rural area same day pickups are not always available!

Also, when scheduling a time window do not select the current time or prior to what the current time is. This will return an error from FedEx and will not schedule the pickup!

FedEx Pickup

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