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About Us

Reptile Runner is a Membership Based Service providing shipping supplies and discounted FedEx shipping services to those engaged in the production and shipping of reptiles, amphibians, and related products.  As a high volume shipper we have negotiated rates with FedEx that enable us to offer sizable discounts off standard shipping rates to our member customers.

Reptile Runner is operated by Northern Gecko, Tails & Scales of Toronto, Reptiles Express USA, Premium Crickets and Georgia Crickets - major suppliers of live feeder insects in the United States.  We leveraged this existing relationship with FedEx to bring this service to you. 

Membership is required to use the Shipping Label service because your shipments will be labeled as a Reptile Runner shipment.  Our account has already been pre-approved by FedEx to ship Reptiles – saving you the trouble of negotiating that exception with FedEx.  In order to keep our account in good standing with FedEx, we (our members) have to comply with FedEx’s Terms and Conditions.

FedEx requires Reptile Runner to know our customers and use our judgment as to who to sell labels to.  If we use poor judgment and sell labels to a shipper who violates the guidelines, we run the risk of losing our Live Animal Waiver – not good for anyone.

Once you apply for membership, we will call you to approve your account.  Absolutely no venomous snakes can be shipped using our service.  You will have to agree to understand the state laws and not ship reptiles to states that have bans on certain species.  You will also have to agree to use approved shipping supplies and the appropriate shipping service.   Finally, a credit card is required for us to keep on file in the event there are additional charges from FedEx (e.g. incorrect weight entered when label purchased, etc).

A main complaint we hear from people is they buy a label, put it on their package, and take it to a FedEx Store, only to have the clerk tell them that FedEx will not ship snakes.  To help minimize that problem, on every order, we will send you a PDF file of our Live Animal Waiver that you can print out and show to the FedEx attendant.  There will be a Reptile Runner contact number for them to call if they have any questions.  Use this document as your ‘passport’ to have your reptile shipped by FedEx.

Please note that FedEx personnel do have the right to refuse to accept any package if they deem it is unacceptable (e.g. improperly packaged) or "suspicious".  This guideline was put into effect after 9/11 and makes sense as it is a broad guideline to handle anything suspicious.  If a FedEx representative does not accept your package, please accept their judgment and call us to help resolve the situation.

By abiding by our Terms and Conditions, we can build a strong partnership to successfully grow your business.  Now, you can offer your customers a lower shipping price and grow your business.

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