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Reptile Tracker

Announcing the ReptileTracker™ from Reptile Runner™! Coming Late Summer 2019

ReptileTracker™ is a combination of hardware and software working together to provide location, temperature, humidity, and other data over a cellular LTE-M network. Breeders add a Reptile Runner™ tracker to their Reptile shipping package and activate the journey through our website.

An App on the breeder’s phone or the Reptile Runner website tracks your Reptile’s location while in transit in near real time.

Text messages can be sent to notify of important transit events.

Why use a High-Resolution Reptile Tracking solution?

The more information we have about your reptile while in transit, the greater the probability of live and safe arrival. Temperature tracking can show the effectiveness of your packing techniques.

Current Low information FedEx package tracking:

The data FedEx provides come from the package scans FedEx makes while in transit. These package scans happen once or twice a day. There are usually large gaps between where FedEx Tracking says the location of your package is, and the ‘true’ location.

New High-Resolution ReptileTracking™ from Reptile Runner™

ReptileTracker™ integrates Google Street View™ to give you a visual of the exact location of your package.

Access historical location and sensor data of your Reptile shipment.

..and much, much more!

Am I required to use the ReptileTracker™?

High resolution, data logged, animal shipment tracking is currently a requirement in the European Union.

We believe it is only a matter of time before tracking and trip data logging is a requirement here in the United States and Canada.

As of the date of this announcement, it is not a requirement by the Canadian Government to have high resolution, data logged animal shipment data.

What the ReptileTracker™ can’t do

The ReptileTracker can’t send data while your package is in the air or sealed in a container.

What will the ReptileTracker™ cost?

We are still working on the pricing model and will announce shortly. Our goal is to make this service as affordable as possible. It will be launched as a separate optional service that integrates into Reptile Runner.

Is the Tracker disposable and suitable for one-time use?

The tracker is designed for reuse. When creating your shipping label, you will have the option to print a return label to include with your tracker. When your customer receives their reptile, they remove the tracker and place it in a prepaid enclosed shipping return box.

Can the ReptileTracker™ notify my customer that their shipment is about to be delivered?

Text notification to your customer’s cell phone when the package enters/leaves a zone (GeoZone) is one of the features we like the best!

How many times have you or your customer sat around all day at your house waiting for FedEx to deliver your package? Now, you and your customer will receive a text notification when the package is a couple of miles away from the delivery zip code. Get the text and head home for the delivery.

What are the benefits of integrating ReptileTracker™ into Reptile Runner?

When you create your FedEx shipping label in Reptile Runner™, our system is capturing your customers zip code, phone number, Name, etc. All that data is passed to our Tracking Console and combined with the FedEx tracking number to create a trackable ‘shipment’.

In one place, all the information you need for greater package location visibility is available.

Tracking devices are battery powered. Every time a tracker transmits or sends a signal the battery life is reduced. Reptile Runner software will change the signaling to once very 15 minutes while the package is in transit. Once your animal is delivered, Reptile Runner software will change the signal transmission to twice a day.

Will Reptile Runner customer support be able to provide better customer support when I use the ReptileTracker?

Absolutely! RR Customer Support will see everything you see at the management console. We work directly with FedEx to move stuck packages and initiate outside courier services on your behalf. So much of our time is wasted waiting for FedEx to locate your package when there is a delay.

Now, when your shipment is delayed, we can tell FedEx where your animal is. Sometimes, even a few hours saved in transit, makes the difference between live arrival and tragedy.

When will the ReptileTracker service be launched?

Most of the system is developed and is currently being tested. Some of our customers are participating in beta testing. We anticipate a July/August launch.

Package tracking iOT (Internet of Things) and the LTE-M marketplace is rapidly evolving. Look for many new product enhancements quickly rolled out designed to help you quickly grow your business.

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